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                • How did i end up here?

                  In 1999, I (my gracious help of family) afforded to have my first computer (almost 18 years later since the Apple I was unleashed to the consumer world - I was a bit late runner I admit). It was a nice pentium III, 3dfx (that graphic chip was phenomenal at the time), computer, covered by a fancy metal case. I remember paying more than thousand dollars to buy this little monster of its time. The processor was Intel's Pentium III - 90nm single core chip operating at 450MHz (and no it was not overclock-able!. There was not any overclocking concept at the time so I was stuck to this frequency for all months long.).

                  The hard disk was manufactured by Quantum Corporation (yea....long live QTM!) with a native user capacity of 6.4GB ( it is not a wouw right now, but that was massive 10-15 years ago, considering that games were stored on 14.4MB diskets). At that time, the recording drives were able to store TBs of data only if they are allowed to occupy a mid-size living room. Now Imagine how far we have come that we now have over 4TB commodity hard drives all around us. It is amazing to see that today's hard disk drives can store over 4TBs of data while they are able to fit into our computer metal cases. Furthermore, they are envisioned to store up to 30TBs of data in the near future using SMR technology.

                  Quantum sold its disk industry to Seagate in 2001. Approximately 13 years after I bought one of Quantum's cutting edge hard disk drives, I was hired by Quantum in Irvine, California. Although my major responsibility was to develop IPs for magnetic storage, it was tape systems to which these ideas predominantly were applied. Beginning in 2014, Quantum shifted its research perspective to cloud solutions, acquired Symform and headed to innovate for future generation storage applications. More recently, cold storage has become as popular as machine learning and Quantum has invested in many smart solutions regarding the storage arena to become the leader what it once was in the late 2000s. It was interesting to watch this timeline unfold, and I wanted to make note of it.

                I have a great appreciation for poetry in my native language (Turkish). The words are a beautiful part of my life illiciting strong emotions through the clarity of meanings. Here are a few of them as follows in my native language:


        Karanlık gece buyur ki buyur
        Aklı selim bir olgun gibi uzerime yurur
        Umuda acıkmış ruhum geceden ürker,bükülür
        Yaşlı yatagımda bende başka sanki biri üşür,
        Ilık ruzgar yetmez geceyi aydınlatmaya,
        Küçük ışıklar semadayken gormez gözüm,
        Korkum buyur başlarken kopekler havlamaya,
        Sokagın bir ışıgı yetmezki aydınlatmaya,
        Yapayalnız ağlamaya...

    Saveges and Civilization, who will survive? by JACK WEATHERFORD -1994

    Intellectual by  Edward W. Said-1993

    The Metaphysics of Morals Immanuel Kant -1797

    The Philosophy of Mathematics Stephan Körner -1968

    Islam and the West Bernard Lewis -1993