• These articles are intended to cover some of the fundamentals as well as advanced concepts for each and every topic. However, most of my applications are for storage and data recording scenarios. The contents of these text documents here have found many applications in digital communications, computer vision and parallel computing applications etc. I urge you to search for other brilliant documents available on the web for various succesful applications of the algorithms presented in those documents.

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Research Articles for Data Compression: Deduplication

  • Article 1 - Introduction to Coded Deduplication Systems

Research Articles for Constrained Codes:

  • Article 1 - Constraint systems
  • Article 2 - RLL and MTR codes

Research Articles for Digital Communication Systems

Research Articles for Reliability Theory Basics:

Articles for Time Series Analysis:

  • Article 1 - Hidden Markov Models: Evaluation, Decoding and Learning.

Review Articles for Multimedia Communications: